Do Trigger Point Injections Help Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain?

Trigger point injections have been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for quickly relieving fibromyalgia pain.

Trigger Point

injections work by relaxing knotted muscles, allowing them to function as they should. This relaxation of the muscles can provide a general sense of relief, even though the anesthetic only targets the trigger point itself. Trigger point injections are a popular pain intervention for those with fibromyalgia, and many patients who had not experienced any relief with conservative therapies have seen excellent results.

Trigger points and muscle pain can cause you to rely more on other muscles, and a trigger point injection is a method for delivering a mixture of saline, corticosteroids and anesthetics directly to the affected area. Trigger point injections are most effective when there are specific trigger points, rather than when they are scattered throughout the body. While they are usually safe, people may experience temporary numbness and pain at the site of the injection. The goal is to reduce the area of the trigger points before using treatment.

Dr. Ravi Panjabi, pain specialist and founder of Advanced Pain Management in Castro Valley, San Ramon and Fremont, California, recommends trigger point injections in addition to lifestyle changes that could alleviate fibromyalgia pain. Trigger point injections are thought to work by causing local relaxation of muscle fibers, reducing tension and reducing the flow of afferent pain back to the spinal cord. First, Panjabi locates trigger points by gently palpating the muscles while lying down or sitting comfortably on the treatment table.

Pain relief with trigger-point injections can last several months, but this varies from person to person. On day 8, patients also showed a significant decrease in the intensity of pain caused by fibromyalgia, fewer tender points, and pressure thresholds at higher tender points; none of these differences were statistically significant in the group that received the placebo injection (the data are presented graphically). If you're looking for relief from fibromyalgia pain, trigger-point injections may be an option for you. Get back to feeling comfortable in your own skin by booking a trigger-point injection treatment today.

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