West Gate Entertainment District Glendale Arizona

Westgate Entertainment District: Glendale's Epicenter of Funand Entertainment

The Westgate Entertainment District is a vibrant, mixed-usedevelopment hub for shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential living inGlendale, Arizona. The district, situated adjacent to the renowned State FarmStadium, offers a unique experience for locals and visitors alike. In thisarticle, we will explore the history and development of the WestgateEntertainment District, its diverse attractions and amenities, and its impacton Glendale and the surrounding region.

History and Development

The Westgate Entertainment District was initially conceivedin the early 2000s to capitalize on the construction of State Farm Stadium(formerly known as the University of Phoenix Stadium). The goal was to create alively, walkable urban center that would attract visitors and residents to thearea while complementing the stadium's event offerings.

 Developed by the Ellman Companies, construction of theWestgate Entertainment District began in 2006. The first phase opened in 2007,featuring a mix of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Thedistrict has grown and evolved in the years since, with new businesses andattractions continually added to its already impressive lineup.

Attractions and Amenities

 The Westgate Entertainment District offers variousattractions and amenities catering to different interests and preferences. Someof the most notable offerings include:

 Shopping: The district features a mix of well-known nationalretailers and unique local boutiques, offering something for every shopper.From fashion and accessories to home goods and specialty items, visitors will indeedfind something that catches their eye.

 Dining: Foodies will delight in the variety of diningoptions available at Westgate. The district boasts over 20 restaurants andeateries, ranging from casual fast-food joints to upscale diningestablishments. Whether you're in the mood for American classics, Italian fare,or Asian fusion, there's something to satisfy every palate.

 Entertainment: Westgate is home to several entertainmentvenues, including the state-of-the-art Gila River Arena, home to the ArizonaCoyotes NHL team, and the AMC Westgate 20 movie theater. Additionally, the districtfrequently hosts live music performances, special events, and outdoorfestivals, ensuring something fun and exciting is always happening.

 Nightlife: For those seeking a lively night out, theWestgate Entertainment District does not disappoint. The area offers a varietyof bars, clubs, and lounges, ranging from laid-back sports bars tosophisticated cocktail establishments. There's something for every taste andmood, making it the perfect destination for a night on the town.

 Residential Living: The Westgate Entertainment District hasrecently expanded to include residential living options. The Lofts at Westgateoffer modern, luxury apartment homes, providing residents with an unparalleledurban living experience steps away from all the action.

Impact on Glendale and the Surrounding Region

The Westgate Entertainment District has had a significantpositive impact on Glendale and the surrounding area. By attracting visitorsand new residents, the district has helped to stimulate economic growth anddevelopment in the region.

Economic Growth: Westgate has generated substantial revenuethrough sales and property taxes, which have been reinvested into the communityto fund public projects and services. Additionally, the district has creatednumerous job opportunities, benefiting residents and businesses.

Increased Tourism: The combination of State Farm Stadium andthe Westgate Entertainment District has turned Glendale into a touristdestination. This influx of visitors ripple effect on the local economy,supporting hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in the area.

Community Engagement: The Westgate Entertainment Districthas become a central gathering place for the community, fostering a sense ofunity and pride among Glendale residents. The district's events and attractionshave helped create a lively and engaged atmosphere, making it a populardestination for locals to enjoy a night out, attend special events, or spendtime with family and friends. 

Urban Revitalization: The development of the WestgateEntertainment District has contributed to the ongoing revitalization ofGlendale's urban landscape. The district's modern, walkable design has servedas a model for other mixed-use developments in the region, setting a highstandard for future projects.

Future Prospects

 The Westgate Entertainment District is poised for continuedgrowth and development in the coming years. Plans are in place for expandingexisting attractions and adding new businesses, further solidifying Westgate'sposition as a premier destination for entertainment, shopping, and dining.

 One such project, the Crystal Lagoons Island Resort, is setto break ground shortly. This ambitious development will feature a 10-acre,crystal-clear lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches, a hotel, convention space,and additional retail and dining options. Once completed, the resort isexpected to draw even more visitors to the area, boosting tourism and economicactivity.

The Westgate Entertainment District has emerged as a shiningexample of successful mixed-use development, transforming Glendale into abustling hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Its diverse attractionsand amenities have made it a favorite destination for locals and visitors,contributing to the area's economic growth and development.

As the Westgate Entertainment District continues to expandand evolve, it is poised to remain a significant draw for Glendale and thesurrounding region. With exciting projects on the horizon, the district'sfuture looks brighter than ever, ensuring its status as a premier destinationfor years to come.

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